First Bangladeshi Franchise Management Organization

The Franchise Management Company Limited

The Franchise Management Company Limited (FMC) is the first Bangladeshi professional franchise management organization. FMC acts as the representative of the parent brands and work closely as growth partner. We aspire to be the leading and best franchise management venture in Bangladesh. As a part of our vision, we partner with the parent brand to expand their business in national and international marketplaces. We also ensure high profitability and low payback period for investors or franchisees by offering full management services. Our commitment to excellence fuels our quest to perform best and build equity in all our brands as well as the long-lasting business of our franchise partners. We are offering franchise development along with management services.


Our Story

Franchising is relatively new concept in Bangladesh. The concept is introduced and popularized through the multinational brands like KFC, Pizza Hut, Burger King etc. These brands are operating in Bangladesh by the Franchisee. Expanding the foothold was easy for these brands due to strength of the local franchisee. The local brands are also thriving. Most of them have multiple outlets in Dhaka city. Some has expanded their presence in some metro areas of the country, but most of them are confined in Dhaka. The main reason being confined is lack of experience, proper management module and financial strength. There has always been a void. FMC came into being to fill the void and serve the parent brands with its dedicated management services.


To be the leading and best franchise management venture in Bangladesh


To help expand the partners and grow together